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Welcome. This could be the start of

feeling better.


     Welcome to my site.  You have made that first step and found the right place to get your questions answered, and get started feeling better.


     Everyone at one time or another, tries their best, but the results are not what they were expecting. Sometimes our lack luster results are caused by issues of the past  or behaviors of the present. In therapy we work together to find the strengths that we possess and identify what may be holding us back. Working together in therapy, we can find our areas of strength, and identify patterns that cause the difficulties in our lives.


     We are living in a busy stressful world. Along with our everyday lives with family, work, and children, we feel overwhelmed, pressured and stressed. My goal is to help you, your child or family cope with these stressors and improve interpersonal relationships. I believe with a dash of humor, new coping skills and insight, together we can reduce symptoms of distress. 


    Give me a call, for a Free Consultation.

    I'll be happy to answer your questions.


     I look forward to working with you.




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